Wednesday, 29 April 2015

FCT ERASMUS 2014-2015

 Are you the next Erasmus Student?

Our Institution has sent six of our students to Erasmus placements this year.

Two of our students Laura (Dietetics) and Sara (Administration and Finance) are working at the Polytechnic University in Pozega (Croatia).

There they have attended a press conference, they have been in some visits to the wine houses and vineyards of the region and they have even appeared in a news paper article.

Andrés, one of our students of the 2nd year in international Trade, is working at a woods company which exports wood and wood pulp to different countries in Europe. The company is located in Turkey, Istambul.

Diego, as well studying International Trade is doing his intenship in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. He is enjoying his intenship at a company in the sector of both health and technology and practising some of his favourite sports.