Tuesday, 21 June 2016

*************************BRILLIANT IDEAS***************************

Our Administration Assistants had Brilliant Ideas and patented them. They are launching their new products… Would you like to find out about them?

Wiper glasses

"The wiper glasses are made of plastic and steel. They have a unique design. It comes in three colours (White, Brown and Black). It costs from 39.99€. For people come on the 1 week they have 15% of discount.

This is our commercial story board:

We learned to work in group with limit time and have a nice project. It´s been a challenge for us and we achieved the challenge.”

Smart suitcase

"This was an interesting project, we think that the people need a smartsuitcase in their trips.

The suitcase has a GPS, you can charge your mobile phone, you can listen music and many more things.

We have enjoyed it, we are happy with our group, we have learnt work in team and it flowed out.

Would you like to watch our commercial?"

MBS (Modern Blind Stick)

"This product is for blind or blind-deaf people.
It has a GPS incorporated, that help you walk soundly.
You can use the vibration mode if it's more helpful.
It's made of silicone and metal.

We learned that if we have not too much time, working in group is much better because we have more ideas and we are more efficient.
We’re happy working on our product because it could be helpful to handicapped people giving them independence."