Friday, 21 February 2014

BEDA Programme study trip to London

We are back!!

The experience was really interesting, just having the possibility of sharing ideas and exchanging experiences with the rest of the 45 BEDA coordinators participating in the trip was very motivating, a really spontaneous TeachMeet. 

We had the opportunity to visit Saint Mary’s University and learn about the English Educational System, experience the National Gallery teaching programme through art, and follow a guided didactic walk around the City, among other things.

But what I enjoyed the best was visiting Heathland School in Hounslow, London. It was really challenging, assisting different classes and seeing the role of teachers and students. Classes are really interactive, a lot of “hands on”, team work, reflecting, learning from peers and self-evaluation at the end of the class. Arts are completely integrated in their curriculum, and we were amazed by how students had developed their teamwork competences, communication skills, decision making… All the activities were very stimulating and short, so students got really involved in them, and there was no time to get bored. Corrections from the teacher were very rare, just when the groups did not reach the right conclusion.

Different class layouts, assembly room, spaces to share and assess, work shows… You can see part of the conclusions on Chris Fuller’s blog, who taught us about innovation in the classroom.

It is now time to analyze all the new ideas from the trip, give feedback and decide how to apply them to our school, the Escuela Profesional Javeriana.

Thank you FERE to give us the opportunity to share this experience!

Monday, 17 February 2014

You've got mail

We are one of the groups of the Javeriana Professional School, Administration and Finance one.

This year we are doing some projects with an Arkansas teacher “Kirstyn”, we are doing more activities, she tells us about their city. She teaches us creative things, and she is very spontaneous.

 One of the projects was making a Christmas video and maintaing contact with students from Jonesboro High school, who tell us about  their life in Arkansas and we  explained them how we live in Madrid . They told us about their school, the food they like, what they do in their spare time, they like to play sports, the weather is very different.

We exchanged pictures and culture, it was interested doing  and knowing people different from us.  

We read emails aloud in class so that everyone knows what life is like there and have more information related to their school.

This experience has helped us to learn new cultures, to improve our level of English and we would like to meet Arkansas people.

On this presentation you can find out more information about it...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ethics in business

The secret of the success of a company is not only a good advertising campaign ...