Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Enjoy English this summer!

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy English. Are you travelling abroad? That's great!!! Are you staying in Spain? You can still enjoy English! How? Just think of your favourite things to do and plan to do them in English.

In the EP Javeriana we give you some ideas:

1. Do you like reading? Read in English!!! Here is a website recommended by @MAsuncinEsteso where you can download books according to your English level and you can even download the audiobook.

 English ebooks

2. Do you like watching films/TV series? Why don't you try watching them in English? You can start watching 10 minutes and then increase the time the following days. If it's too difficult for you, try with English subtitles. Which one is your favourite show? How I met your mother? Sherlock?
Game of Thrones?...

3. Do you prefer sports? Here are some apps you can use to learn English though sports 

4. Do you enjoy the news? The BBC has different applications for learning English based on the news. Download their free apps and select the subjects you are interested in. If you do not have too much time we recommend the 6 minute English. Take a look at it!!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Business is fun: Shopping in Madrid

In the EP Javeriana, Business is fun: 5 teams visited different Shopping areas in Madrid and took pictures of the signs they could find in English. The tweeted the information and then analysed the language used. They presented their results to the class. This is Group’s 3 presentation. They visited Serrano and this is what Mario Marín writes about his experience working on the project:

“With the work "Shopping in Madrid" we've learnt that it's very important to have commercials and announcements in English so they can attract and seek the attention of the clients, visitors, tourists, or people who come from abroad. For example the announcement of new season clothes, or a new 50% off on sales... it was a very good experience working on this and surely I'd repeat it!!!”

Business is fun: Online Shop

In the EP Javeriana, Business is fun and we work on different projects during the School year. Online Shop is one of the favourite ones. The different teams launch a new business by developing an online shop. To sell globally, the website needs to be in English, of course!

The group with David Crespo, Nayelly Lara, Leila Maujo and Miguel del Villar launched Wine&Box. This is what David Crespo writes about their project:

"We think that wine is one of the most famous drinks of our country, and we think on that about how we can sell this product in an original package, so in our website you can choose a popular wine, a different type of box, and you can personalize the box and the stickers as you like. I mean, if it's Saint Valentine's Day, you can create your own box personalised or choose a special creation, you can give as a present.

We offer you three different types of wine: red wine, pink wine and white wine. In these three types of wine, you can choose your perfect election with three different prices. High Price, Medium Price and cheap. We adapt to our customers.

In this project, we needed to be a group more than ever in the course, because we wanted a very great work: we needed a great website, but we also needed a great pitch for sell our product on the presentation for the class, and personally, I really enjoy it.

What did we learn?

In this project, we learnt a lot about how difficult is to have a novel idea and put it into operation. First we were thinking about the idea, after that we split for some to make the design of the web in an attractive way, we had to look for various types of wines and boxes, perform a return policy and even a list of frequently asked questions. Finally, we created a slogan to present the brand and look for an attractive way to present our website.

You can visit our website by clicking on the picture:" We hope you like it!