Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New Year's resolutions

Happy New Year 2019!!!
After the wonderful Christmas period we are back to school with renewed strength. It's the perfect time to set up goals for the New Year.

Some tips to be successful are: 
1. Being realistic
2. Make a "Pros" and "Cons" list
3. Talk about it
4. Track your progress
5. Reward yourself
6. Be constant!!

Think of 2 year resolutions and write them down, share them with your group and talk about the difficulties you can find to reach your goals.
Write one on a post it and post it on the English Corner. Do not forget to keep track on it and reward yourself.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Merry Christmas: Jesus, it's always better with you

Merry Christmas from the EP Javeriana, 
and do not forget Christmas is always better with you :)

Monday, 10 December 2018

We receive Japanese visitors!!

The International Trade 1 class received Japanese visitors who are interested in investing in Spain.
The different companies created in the class received them and explained their business ideas to them in a meeting.

This is how the different groups describe their experience:

"We presented our idea, it's called Find a mess and it's an app where you can find the best night club. We didn't have difficulties doing the project but we were very nervous presenting it because we were the first group. We learned how to do a formal meeting and greeting to the clients.
We enjoyed doing the tour around Madrid for the Japanese and the advertisement video.
Nuria, Natascha, Javier López, Javier Ruiz y Renzo."

Our group learned that food really helps with communication with people from other countries and makes the environment relax, we also learned that breaking the ice and talking for a little bit before starting the presentation is a great idea. We realised that music makes young people have a good time together.

Mussic Festival: Sergio Suárez, María José Páez, Nacho López and Alex Ilea

We presented Moveat.
We think that experience was a good way to improve the communications in front of investors.
We presented our project and we could learnt about how defend our ideas.
Our company is about diferent foods healthy , traditional ...
We have important values about the ecosistem and environment.
Change your mind. 

Good morning!
We are Stephany hernandez, Sandra Jordá, Álvaro Martínez and Antonio González (helped us on the presentation).
First, we put in common all the ideas that we had and it was difficult to choose one because we all had very good ideas and we wanted to put them all, but at the end we mixed the ideas and 21stuff was the result.
Then we distributed the work and helped each other to do the Power Point and the video.
In conclusion, we liked this project and doing this way because its an educational material and its more easy for us working this way. 

21 stuff is an app where you can find all kinds of things, the purpose of this app is, if you are looking for something, have a support where look many products to post the people, and if you like that, have the opportunity to buy that, to buy all types of products.
We like to work in that app because are our, we think about or app and we have managed to create it as we wanted to help each other and contributing ideas

Monday, 12 November 2018

Our English Corner receives the first prize!!

We are so excited to find out that The English Corner EPJ was awarded with the 1st prize on the third edition of the Vocational and Education Training blogs competition. Congratulations as well to the other finalists, great job! :)  #EUVocationalSkills 

For us it is a really important recognition of our work, especially because it was organized by the Escuelas Javerianas were there is a long tradition of bloggers. Thank you!!

Marta Santamaría and I (Sara Sacristán) wanted to also thank everybody that participates on the blog sharing their experiences since 2009; The English Corner EPJ would not be possible without you: our assistants, teachers in charge of the Erasmus Programme, and all the students that share their work and recommendations to learn English... 

THANK YOU ALL!!  We hope to continue sharing on the https://theenglishcornerepj.blogspot.com.


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Guio on We recommend... our new section

Hello, my name is Guio, I'm studying to be an Administration Assistant. I'm on my second year.

English is a language that is really spread throughout the world. Everyone is learning or already knows English. That means that there are a lot of resources that will help you to learn this language. The one I would recommend is to be in a constant contact with it. And how could you do that? By using the things you enjoy doing like watching tv shows or movies and enjoying them in English.

The one I absolutely adore and would recommend everyone to watch is, Mulan. I know, it's a Disney movie that is thought to be for kids, but really it has a deep plot and on top of that the English is really easy to follow.

If you want to participate in our section "We recommend...", fill in this form.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Our Bilingual Project receives a BEDA Prize!!!

We are very happy and grateful to receive this award from BEDA. It recognizes the effort we have made over recent years. Bilingualism in Vocational Training is not an easy matter, this is why we called our project “Bilingüismo en FP: de quimera a realidad”.

The bilingual team: Marta Santamaría, Marta Sáez, our assistant Ameen Mettawa and I (Sara Sacristán) have been getting ready during a long time, learning about CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and trying to adapt it to our educational stage: vocational training.

Last year our first bilingual promotion graduated. We can say students with different English levels participated in the classes and evaluated the project positively: they all recommended to continue teaching in English.

So we made it! Would you like to try?  We are waiting for you at the EP Javeriana!

Friday, 19 October 2018


This school year, the second year students from Administration and Finance have begun studying the module of Logistics in English following the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology.

After the first month of lessons and projects, these students have presented their experience and some of their work to their colleagues in first year of Administration and Finance in order to motivate them and tell them that it isn't as difficult as it seems.

After sharing this moment, our students have decided to tell how was the experience for them.

The first  group is Adrián, Carla, David, Laura Martín and Lucía:

Last week, we did an English presentation to Administration and Finance students of first year because we are studying one subject in English. The main change of this subject is that it is the first subject in a foreign language. We had to explain the supply chain, between raw materials to end consumer, of a product that we have invented in Business Simulation, another subject.

It was a good experience because it was in English and our mates could see that it isn't difficult to do a presentation in another language, this is very important to improve our English level and it helps to forget about being scared while presenting.

Another group is the one formed by Haitam, Leticia, Laura R., Gonzalo and Guillermo:

At first we were overwhelmed by the idea of ​​having to present in English to some colleagues we did not know, however, we put a lot of effort and after several days of preparation, we presented it to our teacher and she congratulated us for the work done as well as the other colleagues.
Today, we appreciate the opportunity offered by our teachers to share our work with other classes and thus receive feedback from other points of view.

The third group is Luisa, Miguel, Yolanda, Laura Medina and Jose Luis:

Taking logistics in English is an excellent opportunity to learn English in a different way than usual. The use of vocabulary is very beneficial for our future, because we not only use common terms and memorize them, in addition, we apply it to practical cases to know how to develop the concepts learned day after day.

The method used, CLIL, is a different and effective way to learn as it seems more simple and entertaining when it comes to studying. All this leads us to work as a team getting more involved in this subject and help each other to understand the terms correctly.

And the last group is formed by Juan, Yaiza, Alicia, Paula and Almudena:

We think that is a good idea to show our new mates the postive things about making presentationsin English, because this new experience that we are learning at Javerianas can open new oportunities for us; and the most important, we are talking in English.

It’s not necessary to have a high English level to make it, you can play around with vocabulary and you will learn a lot too. Until you do it, you can’t have an opinion! Try it first! Work! Learn! And if you need help come to us, we will help you! We won’t eat anybody (yet)!

It seems that the first year of Bilingual Administration and Finance students are onto a good start and enjoying the new challenge!

Keep with the hard work!


Some of you may know that the last few years we have been able to send some of our students abroad to do their trainships through the ERASMUS+ programme. A few years ago, a couple of our students from Dietetics were able to do this in Croatia at the POLYTECHNIC IN POŽEGA where they had a very good and enriching experience. And it's through this collaboration that we have been able to meet Valentina here in Madrid.

Valentina came to Escuela Profesional Javeriana in order to meet us (since we have only been in contact through e-mail) and to see if we could develop our relationship a little bit more. Valentina's visit started with a tour of our school and explaining a little bit more how we work and what are our main objectives and our students' profile. It's a that moment that we realized that our schools are more similar than what we thought!

We took the oportunity offered by Valentina and decided that it would be great if she could present her place of work (POLYTECHNIC IN POŽEGA) to our sencond year students since this upcoming summer they will graduate and they are currently thinking about what their future is going to be like. Their courses looked very interesting and our students seem very intrigued since we learnt that they produce their own wine!

After all these presentations, we took the time to talk about about what we could do for each other. These talks have been very productive and we are just in the final stages just reading through the final agreement in order to sign it. The conclusions that we came to are:
  • Each year a couple of Croatian students can come to Madrid to do their trainships, since we would look for companies that could host them.
  • Also, they could host a couple of our students for their trainships, since their biology programmes are a perfect fit for our Dietetics students.
We hope that this collaboration will last for a long time and that we can do projects together in the future!

Valentina! Thank you for your visit, we hope that you could also enjoy Madrid and all it has to offer! Let's meet soon!

Como a algunos de vosotros os sonará, desde hace unos años hemos podido mandar a algunos de nuestros alumnos al extranjero para hacer sus prácticas (FCT) gracias al programa ERASMUS+. Hace unos años, un par de nuestros alumnos de Dietética pudieron realizar sus FCT en Croacia en la POLITÉCNICA DE POŽEGA en donde tuvieron una gran y enriquecedora experiencia. Y es gracias a esta colaboración que hemos podido conocer a Valentina aquí en Madrid.

Valentina vino a visitarnos a la Escuela Profesional Javeriana para conocernos (dado que solo habíamos estado en contacto a través de e-mails) y para ver si podíamos dar un paso más en nuestra colaboración entre ambas instituciones. La visita de Valentina empezó con un pequeño tour de nuestra escuela para conocernos un poco mejor y le explicamos como funcionamos, cuales son  nuestros principales objetivos y el perfil de nuestros alumnos. ¡Fue en ese momento en el que nos dimos cuenta de que nuestras instituciones se parecen más de lo que pensábamos!

Aprovechamos la oportunidad que nos ofreció Valentina de presentar a nuestros alumnos de segundo curso la Politécnica de Pozega dado que ellos esté próximo verano se graduarán y ya están pensando en cuales van a ser sus próximos pasos de cara a su futuro. Los cursos que oferta la Politécnica nos perecieron muy interesantes y nuestros alumnos quedaron muy intrigados cuando supimos que ¡allí producen su propio vino!

Después de todas estas presentaciones, aprovechamos todo el tiempo que tuvimos disponible para hablar de qué podemos ofrecer cada institución para que nuestros alumnos tengan la mejor experiencia posible. Fuimos muy productivos y ya solo nos queda leer el acuerdo y firmarlo tras llegar a las siguientes conclusiones:

  • Cada año un par de estudiantes croatas podrán venir a Madrid a realizar sus prácticas en empresas, dado que nosotros nos encargaremos de buscar las empresas para ellos.
  • Del mismo modo, la Politécnica  podrá a coger a un par de nuestros alumnos dado que sus programas de la rama biológica serían perfectos para nuestros alumnos de Dietética.
¡Esperamos que esta colaboración dure por muchos años y que podamos hacer  muchos proyectos juntos!

¡Valentina! Muchas gracias por tu visita y esperamos que también pudieses disfrutar de Madrid y de todo lo que puede ofrecer. ¡Ojalá nos podamos ver pronto!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Ameen stays with us!

Hello everyone! My name is Ameen, and I am from Miami, Florida. This is my third year living in Madrid, and my second year as a Language Assistant at Javerianas. I loved my last year here, and am very happy to be back and to see both new and familiar faces. As some of you already know, I like to use my time in class to motivate students to speak as much as possible in English by organizing fun and engaging activities about topics we are all interested in. I look forward to getting to know the new students I am working with this year, and tailoring my activities to match their interests and personal goals. Looking forward to a great year!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


We are ready to start this exciting school year with you...