Thursday, 3 July 2014

Caja Madrid Eurobecas

Today, four of our students were awarded with a Caja Madrid Eurobeca. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Three of them, in their second year of International Trade and Administration and Finance did their internships abroad with the Erasmus Programme: Sara Essaddiki went to Istanbul, Turkey and Carlos Arnanz and Jaime Jiménez finished their degree in Tallinn, Estonia.

Fernando Rodríguez, started studying Administration and Finance in the Escuela Profesional Javeriana this school year. He has been awarded with a Caja Madrid Eurobeca to do an internship in Ireland during the summer. This is what he expected about it:

"What do I expect of Ireland? Well, you never know! Increasing my experience and boosting my CV for sure or expanding my future network. One thing is clear: without studying English, this experience would be impossible!

So I would like to recommend everyone reading to study English! In this time, knowing languages is a must. In fact, I have English clients (I am also an entrepreneur, sorry not to mention!). It means that if I hadn’t known any English, I wouldn’t have been able to make business with them. That’s the importance of English nowadays.

So, what are you waiting for? Study English and apply for the next!"

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